Mr. Amit Karmarkar (Partner)                  Mrs. Manasi Karmarkar (Partner)

Aditya Enterprises is a sister company of Coherent Networking Solutions (CNS) established in the year 2001. 

Coherent Networking Solutions is a part of Pushkaraj Enterprises which is a multifaceted group, catering to Diesel Engine manufacturers, Automotive manufacturers, Engineering industry, national Research institutes, Oil and Gas sector, Ship-building yards, compressor manufacturers, etc.. Please visit for more details.

CNS is providing great support to Aditya Enterprises to select proper suppliers. CNS has 11 years of experience of global sourcing in electronics and electrical products.It has well established network across 13 countries.
Since its inception Aditya Enterprises is fully involved in manufacturing of PCBA & Wiring Harnesses. We are catering as Tier II supplier to OEMs in specialised industrial,medical,automotive,defence and home appliances applications.
The Wiring Harnesses are manufactured as per IPC 620A and PCBA as per IPC 610 standards.

We select international brands as our raw material suppliers like:
  • UL Grade Cables & Wires (UL1569,UL1007,UL1015,UL3443,UL1061,UL3385,UL2651,UL20067)

  • ROHS approved connectors,terminals and electronic components

  • Mil-W-16878, Mil-W-81044, Mil-W-27579 approved wires


  • ROHS Solder,Flux and Solder bath for PCB assemblies 

We make variety of harnesses which includes:
  • PVC flexible wires only

  • Wires with Automotive connectors

  • Flat ribbon

  • Multi Conductors

  • Cable connector assemblies with PVC wires and simple industrial connectors.

  • Flat ribbon cable with connectors.

  • Multi conductor Shielded/Unshielded cable with connector.

  • Ribbon Cable with connector.

  • Ribbon Cable only cut strip to exact dimensions.

  • Wires cut and strip to exact dimensions.